BIRD BRAIN is a multi-year navigational dance project that investigates migratory patterns and habits of birds and other animals, as well as their biophysical and metaphorical relationships to humans as fellow travelers in the world. Directed by choreographer Jennifer Monson, BIRD BRAIN includes four inter-related components - free site specific out door performances, navigational dance workshops for students and the general public, panel discussions on issues of migration, navigation and conservation, and a web site - which link the worlds of science/conservation and dance/art. BIRD BRAIN aims to have significant impact on each site we visit, bringing into relief the importance of sustaining and preserving habitat for migratory species, and deepening our dynamic relationship with nature through the kinetic medium of dance. By literally following the migratory routes of animals, BIRD BRAIN weaves together a community across continents, ecosystems and cultures.

BIRD BRAIN es un proyecto amplio que utiliza muchas de las estrategias que he sostenido como artista durante mucho tiempo. Su formato fluido y migratorio persigue formar una red de conecciones entre diferentes comunidades de artistas, científicos, ambientalistas y estudiantes que apoyen y provoquen un diálogo sobre las relaciones simbióticas, contradictorias y contestatarias entre el arte, la tecnología, el ambiente, el poder y el espacio.

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